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Serving the entire state of Montana for large quanities.
24 hrs or less in Flathead, Lake and Lincoln counties.
WHAT IS YOUR KLUNKER WORTH? $120.00 average,
up to $400.00 
Cars, trucks,  tractors, semi’s, equipment, or buses.
1 to 1000. We can haul up to 5 at a time.

CALL OR TEXT: 406-885-4637

FREE removal from Kalispell, Whitefish, C-falls, Bigfork and Lakeside.
Hauling from further will affect the price we can pay.

Give us a call and find out what your klunker is worth.
$400.00 for buses, semi trucks and some tractors.
$60.00 per small car is the average pay out,
 some full size trucks and vans pay up to $200.00 while a few others bring less.

Cars that do not have wheels, keys, catalytic converters or titles
pay less for each of the ...missing Items.

Say U have a $200.00 vehicle and U have no keys = less 20
no wheels= less 20 more, the value of missing catalytic converters vary.

Still we have never paid less than $40 for any complete car.
Give us a call and find out what your car is worth,
CALL OR TEXT: 406-885-4637
If you have a friend or neighbor with
junkers cluttering their yard click below.

Samples of things we haul.

yellowstreachbus.jpg  subarus3.jpg  stack2.jpg  50_sgreen580push.jpg 60_sgreenbus.jpg


Right click coupon and print for guaranteed $100
4 door or larger

Our Hours

7 Days a Week 24 hours a day.


We only Haul during daylight hours.

1280 Hwy 2 E., Kalispell, Montana,   |   Phone: 406-885-4637    | 


We are proud members of Bullet Proof inc. Kalispell, MT:

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